California Expungements

In California, a previous conviction can be both reduced and expunged, if it meets certain criteria. If a conviction does not meet certain criteria, there are still options that can be pursued, such as a petition for clemency, but if expungement is available, that's a great place to start. Information submitted here is confidential. 

Was this conviction for a felony or misdemeanor? *
If a felony conviction, were you sentenced to prison time? *
This means time over 1 year, served in a penitentiary, not a local county jail. If you got prison time, you are unfortunately not eligible for an expungement, but there are other options.
Were you sentenced to Probation? *
Felony convictions with probation sentences are often expungeable.
Did you complete probation without any probation violations?
If you completed probation without any violations, you are likely eligible for a dismissal of your conviction.
Are you currently on probation?
Expungement is not available if you're still on probation, even if it's for a new offense.
Sometimes there are more options available to help you get a past conviction off your record.