Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases revolve around custody agreements, which govern who will be taking case of the kids, and when. These agreements can get extremely detailed and arguments over them are some of the most contentious in family law. Questions to be addressed in custody cases include physical custody of children, how the children will be treated and educated, where they will live, and, almost inevitably, child support. 

Verbeck Law has a great depth of experience in child custody cases, and we're especially well prepared to handle your case. We know that sometimes friendly negotiation is the best strategy, and sometimes you have to fight hard from the very first. We're sensitive to all the deep feelings people naturally have about their children, and we're much more efficient with your money than a lot of firms. We'll help you protect your kids, and make sure that you get a fair deal. 

If you'd like a quote for your child custody case, please fill out our Child Custody Case form, and we'll get back to you promptly with information and a quote. Everything entered in our forms is confidential. 


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