Commercial Litigation


Commercial litigation can seem like an especially forbidding matter. Commercial contract law is quite complicated, and differences in local adoptions of UCC provisions can make normally simple questions like jurisdiction into extremely important legal matters. As in start-ups, commercial deals, even for significant money or long-term services, are made without many formalities. This works in many instances, but invariably problems with a particular agreement with arise. 

Commercial litigation can also draw from many subsidiary fields of law, like health care law, or sub-fields of commercial law set entirely by statute, like mesothelioma or asbestos. This specificity makes it more difficult to hire a generalist law firm, since a firm that doesn't know the rules specific to your dispute may fumble your case. 

Further, specialized firms are sometimes poor at basic lawyer skills like negotiation. Any commercial case, no matter how contentious, must go through settlement processes before coming to trial, and a firm that doesn't engage in consistent and realistic negotiation is wasting a lot of your money. 

Verbeck Law bridges these gaps by recruiting attorneys with exemplary basic skills and a drive to continue learning. We expect that our attorneys will continue to learn about new fields of law throughout their career, and accordingly we’re able to develop the expertise necessary to practice in diverse fields. Fundamentally, anyone who did decently well in law school can learn the jurisdictional rules for bringing suit against a Delaware corporation charged with a product defect in California, but we find it’s much more difficult if not impossible to instill the subtle touch that makes good negotiators.