Making it Quicker, Easier, and Cheaper


Here's a free secret of the legal profession: divorce cases, called dissolution cases in law, keep the lights on in family law firms. Divorce is a cash cow, because traditionally, they get nasty fast, and they last forever. A lawyer who gets paid by the hour will bill, one way or another, for every angry email, every ill-advised text, and every trifling detail before a case settles, and often, even after that. 

Unfortunately getting divorced without a lawyer isn't much better. Most people who do this need a lawyer before they finish the process, and the lawyer has to do just as much work, if not more. Fixing off-the-shelf stuff is hard, and often two spouses will have agreed on terms that are explicitly not legal. Further, one lawyer generally turns into two lawyers, because the parties start to disagree and need their own counsel. Even people who manage to get divorced without a lawyer's help generally have final judgments that don't settle things, and then you need a lawyer as soon as those problems come up. 

So, as an alternative, we recommend an easier process. At Verbeck Law, our goal is to get you the judgment you really need, and the trick to doing this is to solicit more information, and to pay attention to what we learn. For example, we'll ask you about your pets. Pets are technically property under the law, and so pets may be liable to be split between the parties in a divorce. If they're much more one spouse's pets than the other's, getting an agreement leaving the pets with that spouse can take a lot of raw emotions off the table. In a civilized divorce, having a good negotiator can make everything much, much smoother, and save you a lot of money over the long run. 

Similarly, we know when a case is going to start nasty and stay nasty, and we know both how to fight and how to insulate you from the fighting. We're very good at recognizing the sorts of cases that are going to be bad, and we're great at protecting you and your interests. Knowing the difference between these cases is what makes a great lawyer, and you should be leery of a firm that always negotiates, or always goes hard. Neither is the right answer, and within the same case, you'll need both skills at one point or another. 

As always, there are a few ways to hire us to handle your divorce. If you want a lawyer who'll be there every step of the way, contact us directly and we can quote you an hourly rate.


If you want to know exactly how much you'll pay, we can offer you a flat rate for your divorce, which is extremely rare among law firms. The fee differs case to case, and for a quote for your case, click below and send us as much detail as you can. We'll contact you and let you know what your case will cost. 


Last but not least, if you want a quote for document production, and want to make sure your divorce documents are done just right, purchase the document you need below. All documents come with a consult, and all of them are tailored to your particular case.