Divorce with Children

A divorce with children, often called dissolution with custody in law, is one of the hardest cases in family law. Divorces with children involved tend to go longer and get nastier than other divorces, and can involve a lot of other fields of law. To get through a divorce with children, you need a law firm that's several firms in one. 

First, in most divorce cases involving children, there is some room for negotiation, but in the same case, there are times that you need to fight hard. A law firm that's only good at one strategy will damage your case when the other strategy is what you need. 

Second, unfortunately, disputed custody cases often involve allegation of criminal misdoing. A firm without criminal experience might win your family law case but fail to protect you against the coming criminal charges, which can be a much bigger deal. It's also not uncommon to have mental health issues, civil restraining orders, or estate disputes that parallel a divorce case with kids in it. We do criminal, do property, do civil ROs, and have a lot of experience doing mental health. Heck, we even have a blog on Law and Neuroscience. How many family law firms can say that? 

Third, even firms that know the law very well can suffer in dealing with the amount of raw emotion that a long divorce and custody fight can bring up. Our attorneys have a lot of experience dealing with all sorts of people going through all sorts of problems, and we know that part of why you hire an attorney to help you is that a legal case with huge consequences for you and your family is scary. We'll help you through, and make sure you come out on top. 

Divorce with children is one of the few cases we generally recommend an hourly retainer for, and the best way to get started on that is to fill out the form below. Give us as much detail as you can, and we'll get back to you quickly with a quote. Everything entered into our forms is, of course, confidential. 

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If you don't think you'll be able to afford a fully retained family attorney, we can still help you. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver helpful legal services to people who can't afford most firms, and we're willing to work with you. If what you need is a specific document produced, or you just need a couple of hours of attorney time to learn how to fight your own case, consider one of our flat-fee services below. Particularly if you've never been to court before, these can help you a lot, and can easily be the difference between a won or a lost case.