Eviction Cases for Landlords

Any experienced landlord knows that evictions are complicated, but sometimes necessary. If you have tenants who aren't paying rent, are destroying the premises, or otherwise aren't abiding by the terms of their lease, you may need to begin an eviction process to get them out. Verbeck Law can get it started for you, or, if you prefer, we can coach you on how to get it started yourself. 

The Eviction Process

Evictions, called 'unlawful detainer actions' at law, generally begin with a tenant refusing to obey some requirement of their lease. The most common is non-payment of rent, but others can include trashing the property or keeping unauthorized occupants in the unit. Faced with this sort of problem, the landlord files an unlawful detainer with the court, and serves a notice of eviction on the tenant. 

If the tenant doesn't respond within a set amount of time after being served, then the landlord will ask the court for a default judgment, which includes a writ of possession. This writ authorizes the sheriff to come and forcibly move the tenant and anyone else in the unit out, and thus the unit goes back to the landlord. 

In reality, of course, it's never that clean. Long fights over evictions are common, and disputes can spring up all along that process outlined above. Service has to be just right for an eviction, multiple court dates are common, and even a landlord trying to evict for non-payment of rent may not win. Many laws and rules impact housing, particularly low-income housing, and a failure to comply with any of these can get an eviction case dismissed. 

Accordingly, Verbeck Law offers a variety of packages for landlords who are contemplating or have already begun an eviction proceeding. Unlike most eviction firms, we don't have a bunch of surprising add-on fees. What you sign up for is what you get. 

Having Verbeck Law handle a simple eviction costs $1000, and it includes an appearance at one hearing. We know that's not the lowest price around, but we think it's one of the best. We actually work our cases, and we're great at negotiations. Most evictions limp along because firms take your money and then do the bare minimum on the case. We'll try to find an arrangement that works for you and works for the tenant, so that you can get your property back as soon as possible. 

To retain Verbeck Law to handle your eviction matter, please fill out the form below, and we'll get back to you very soon. Anything you enter into the form is confidential, so please give us as much information as you can. 


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