Eviction Services for Tenants

Verbeck Law handles eviction defense on a case-by-case business, and our pricing is based on our estimation of how complex we feel a case is going to be, and how much money a particular tenant has to spend on legal services. Often, we find that someone who can't afford to hire us to handle an entire case can afford to hire us for a consultation, and we strive to make our consultations as helpful as possible. One of our consulting attorneys will explain your case in detail, let you know which steps you need to take to protect your rights, and will give you advice about how to contest an eviction in court. If you'd like to hire us to represent you at your hearing, we'll do that too, and we'll make sure we understand your case before we go in to represent you. 

Whichever option sounds better to you, please fill out the following form, and we'll contact you about your case. Anything you put in the form is confidential, and of course our consultations are free. 

Please Note: Verbeck Law does not handle defaults, meaning we don't handle cases in which you've received a notice from the sheriff that a physical eviction is scheduled. If you have gotten a notice from the sheriff, you need to go to the courthouse and ask a clerk how to file an application for a stay of execution. 

We also cannot help you get an eviction off your record. Civil expungement is very difficult to win on in California or Oregon, and we don't do it. 

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