Oregon Expungements

Expungements in Oregon are fairly simple, but you can only get certain cases expunged. The most important question is whether your case qualifies. See if you can answer all the following questions: 

  1. Has it been at least three years since your conviction? 

    Oregon courts won't allow an expungement proceeding if less than three years have passed since conviction. 
  2. Was your offense for something other than sex crimes or a serious felony? 

    Oregon law doesn't allow for the expungement of sex crimes, or many child abuse crimes. It also doesn't allow the expungement of serious felonies like murder, kidnapping, or first-degree assault. 
  3. Are you being prosecuted for anything right now, or on probation? 

    If you're being charged with a new crime, or are on probation, you are not eligible for expungement. 
  4. Have you been convicted of anything else in the 10 year period before today? 

    This is the big one. If you have a conviction other than a traffic offense for anything within the last 10 years, you're not eligible for an expungement. To get a conviction expunged, you must have a 10 year period with only one conviction. 

If you can answer all these questions, if you have a conviction for a minor felony or misdemeanor and no other convictions for ten years, you are eligible for expungement. Please contact us directly so that we can get started on cleaning up your record and getting you your life back. This is a Simple Expungement, and the cost is only $400. Click on the button below to get more information. 

If you are not eligible for a simple expungement, there are other options available. Things like clemency can apply in certain circumstances, and it may be worth reviewing your original conviction to see if it could be appealed, or if a motion to set aside might be worth bringing. This is a much more challenging process requiring a lot more conversation with your lawyer, and a lot more drafting. If you contact us and give us as many details as possible, we can tell you how likely we are to be able to help, and what it will cost. If you have special circumstances or want to explore other options, please click on the Hard Expungement button below. We will give you a quote before we try to charge you for anything, of course, and whatever you tell us will be confidential.