Trial Preparation Pricing and Information


Trial prep is a very important step in protecting your case. We're pleased to offer individualized coaching, including procedural education and role-play. We aim to figure out what exactly is likely to happen in your trial, not tell you about trials generally, and to prepare you to deal with the hazards and stress likely to be in your trial. 

Trial prep is usually charged by the hour, although for some cases we've worked out a set-price package. Hourly is generally easier because it allows you to decide how much coaching you feel like you need, and to stop paying for help when you no longer feel like you need it. Representation at a trial is a fixed fee, and only available when we've done enough work to have a good understanding of the underlying case. 

If you have a speciality attorney who charges a high hourly rate, you may not feel that you can afford time-intensive trial prep. We generally charge $150 an hour for trial prep, and we've found that even a little preparation makes a world of difference. We're also good at working with speciality attorneys, if necessary. 

If you'd like our help in your trial, please fill out the form below, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with a quote and a plan. 

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When is your trial scheduled?
Trials that are happening soon may require emergency prep, which is billed at a higher rate.
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