Price and Clarity

If you've worked with a lawyer or a firm before, you may have run into the two big problems that make legal problems so intimidating and expensive. 



When you get sued, or served with papers, or indicted, you'll wonder how much this is going to cost. Lawyers are notoriously expensive, and many clients end up feeling like they paid a lot more than they planned to. For a long time law has resisted simple, common-sense measures like price sheets or firm cut-offs. You can tell your contractor not to spend more than $10k on your bathroom remodel. You can tell your dentist you don't want amalgam fillings. Why not your lawyer? 

At Verbeck Law, we can provide you with legal services with an exact cost. Do you need a response to divorce papers? We will give you an exact quote. Do you want to know how much it will cost for us to defend you from criminal charges? We can tell you exactly how much our services will run you. You may still have to pay for experts if they're needed, but we'll give you a price sheet for that too. 

Of course we still do hourly cases, so if you want the maximum in legal protection, we'll walk you through setting up a retainer, and we'll represent you throughout a whole case. Our rates are very reasonable, and we'll give you as much info as you'd like to understand the billing. In the twenty-first century, there is no reason to give clients a vague, two-line bill for legal services. We itemize everything, and we don't charge to explain any billing that seems unclear to you. 



The second big problem with law is that most lawyers aren't teachers. If you get sued in a civil matter, you'll probably be deposed. A traditional firm will set you for depo practice. What does that mean? We don't think you can intelligently decide on legal products if you don't understand what they mean. If you're facing a deposition, we will make sure you know what a deposition is, what the rules are, and how you can best protect your interests. We've worked with people from all walks of life and pride ourselves on being able to explain anything to anyone. Don't settle for work performed behind a curtain; insist on knowing what your money pays for, and what sort of legal world you're in. 

Clarity extends to our billing, too. A lawyer will often say to a client that she should pay for an expert witness because it's a good idea. Is it that much harder to explain what the expert will say, and why that would help her case? Is it difficult to say "it will cost you $400" instead of "the expert charges market rates?" 

Similarly, if we're representing you and you have a legal emergency in the middle of the night, we want you to feel comfortable calling us so we can help you. Every agreement we make with clients includes information on emergency rates, and if we're already on retainer, we'll provide emergency help at your agreed-upon rate. No one should have to wonder if they can afford emergency medical help, and with our plans, no one needs to wonder if they can afford emergency legal help.