Why Verbeck Law Instead? 

The first and best reason is price. We're not offering a cheap version of a normal firm, and we don't encourage you to seek that out yourself. What we're offering is legal services at a known, firm price. What we offer is a price sheet. We will tell you what we recommend, why we think those options would help, and what it will cost. You will choose the options you want, and you will know exactly how much you're going to pay. 

Is that cheaper? 


It's much cheaper. With many firms, you can get billed a lawyer's full hourly rate for stapling, and never know. You can even get charged for the time it takes to explain how the bills work. With Verbeck Law, you pay for what you need, not for what a lawyer feels like charging you for. 

It's also much faster, which is actually more important than cheaper. Legal cases tend to cost much more than anticipated because they last forever. A reasonable hourly rate turns into a gigantic bill when a case stretches over a few years. With Verbeck Law's process, you can get needed services and documents quickly, and often bring legal matters to a conclusion much, much sooner. Would you pay $600 for a simple business agreement at the beginning of a company's life, if it got you out of a half-million dollars of litigation down the road? Most people would, but most lawyers won't do  work for that kind of money. We will. Other lawyers are basically waiting to do a big root canal, but we're selling toothbrushes. Which would you rather pay for? 

Understanding Your Case


Modern law is incredibly complicated, and most lawyers aren't in any hurry to explain it to clients. We prefer to educate our clients, and we find it works better for anyone. If you have a tenant contesting an eviction, you don't need to go to law school, you need someone who can explain the relevant parts of eviction law to you. You deserve to know what sorts of law and rules cover your own case, and we think that empowered clients can help both themselves and the legal system. Being the man behind the curtain is a stupid business strategy in the age of the internet; why not hire a guide to the big machine instead? 


Fundamentally, we want you, the client, to feel like you got exactly what you asked for, and to understand what it's for. We're confident that treating clients like smart people will make them eager to come back when they need some more help, and we think that there are a lot less problems between client and counsel when the client knows what's going on. Do you know what a motion to suppress does, or what a divorce means for your retirement account? We'll teach you. It's not that hard, and it won't be that expensive. 

Verbeck Law is licensed to practice in California and Oregon, including all circuit courts and the Executive Office for Immigration Review in San Francisco. We've been in municipal courts, juvenile courts, special mental health courts, criminal, family, immigration, and so on. We have the expertise to help you, and our structure lets you get the help you need without breaking the bank.