Client Worksheet for Dissolutions 

This worksheet helps us gather information necessary for filing for a divorce, called a dissolution in court. Please give as much detail as possible, so that we can draft your documents as quickly as possible. 


Full Legal Name *
Full Legal Name
Spouse's Full Legal Name *
Spouse's Full Legal Name
Date of Marriage *
Date of Marriage
City and state.
Date of Separation
Date of Separation
Give the date that you and your spouse started living together, or failing that, the date in which the marital relationship was, in your opinion, over.
Please list any minor children you have with this person, along with their dates of birth.
Which county do you live in?
Lived there for more than 6 months?
Please list any major assets owned by either you or your spouse, to include retirement accounts, homes or other real property, or any especially valuable possessions. Don't worry about exact values.
Is there a pre-nuptial agreement? If so, were both parties represented by attorneys when it was signed?

Your attorney will discuss the finer details of a dissolution petition with you, but this information will help us to get the petition or response drafted and filed quickly. Information entered here is of course confidential.