Worksheet for Landlord Clients


We at Verbeck Law work very hard to give you the best representation possible, and to do that, we need to make sure that certain key information about your case is absolutely correct. The rule with evictions is that you as the landlord have to do every step just right, or your case will be dismissed. We may have some of this information from you already, but this form lets us double-check, and also lets us get all the information we will need to handle your eviction case as quickly as possible. If any information you give us is incorrect, your case may be dismissed, and you will need to begin again. 


Your Name *
Your Name
First Tenant's full legal name *
First Tenant's full legal name
The tenant's name must be given correctly on 3-day notices, complaints, and any other filing. If you don't know, give the name listed on the lease, exactly as written.
Second Tenant's full legal name
Second Tenant's full legal name
This must also match the lease. Do not include any late fees.
Give the figure for unpaid rent ONLY. Do not include late fees.
The exact address of the unit *
The exact address of the unit
Make sure to double-check the address, and to include any unit designation, like Unit B or Room 5 or half-numbers. This should match the legal address exactly.