Buy your law like you buy your groceries.

Shopping for groceries in America is an amazing experience, probably unparalleled in the history of the world for the amount of choice and control it offers a consumer. Specialty markets will gladly tell you exactly where a piece of produce comes from and what's been done to it since the seed germinated. Discount stores will tell you their exact price for a specific piece of food, in big numbers. People who want to pay a premium for organic or single-origin or bio-dynamic can, and people who just need a gigantic pallet of snack foods to feed to a high school soccer team can find the absolute best price. The advent of the internet, of course, has expanded our reach even further. 

However, most people still shop for law the old-fashioned way, by buying a mysterious black box that a personable (or not) professional assures them contains what they need. Nor is the price obvious: One of the most common billing complaints with attorneys is that the final bill was much higher than the client was expecting. Very few attorneys advertise on the basis of price, and honestly you're well-advised not to go with most of those that do. Elite firms trumpet their exclusivity to justify their prices, but what is it, exactly, that they're so much better at? If you're buying an avocado from Whole Foods you get to know all the charming reasons it costs $12, you're not just required to pay that much because the store owner says so. 

So, Verbeck Law and sites like us exist to help you do a little legal grocery shopping. Do you know exactly what you need? Then you should be shopping on the basis of price. We may have a quote up already that covers our fee to produce the thing you're looking for: check here to be sure. If we don't already have it up, contact us and we'll give you a price. You may not know what you need yet, in which case you're looking for a knowledgeable person to show you some options. If you were buying coffee, you'd expect to see maybe three beans and an explanation of what makes each special, along with a price tag. At Verbeck Law, we'll show you a few different ways to handle your case, and give you quotes for each. No guessing, no extra bills later.

Would you buy coffee out of the back of a Honda Civic? Do you think it would be better coffee if you bought it out of a BMW? Worse out of a Ford with a broken axle? That's essentially what you're doing when you're shopping for a lawyer. It's a mystery product, and it costs some mystery amount, to be determined several months from now. Sometimes you just need to wake up, and the office coffee maker is fine. Sometimes it's worth it to go expensive, but you definitely want to know what you're getting. 

At Verbeck Law, we feel like better-educated clients are better clients, and we're not afraid to compare prices or services with other firms. We'll give you a price up front, and we encourage you to shop it around. See if you can find any other firm that will often take cases to trial without an additional fee. See if any other lawyer will guarantee you a real, final figure for handling a civil matter. We're confident that we're the nice, well-lit, and reasonably priced supermarket in your neighborhood. Most everyone else is selling coffee out of their trunk, and so we think if you look around, you'll like us even better.