Where has Verbeck Law been in California?

I often talk about how you want a firm with broad experience, but I know everyone says that, so I thought I’d put a graphic together to show which counties in California Verbeck Law has done legal work in. Often the key to a good outcome in a case is adaptability, and learning the unwritten rules of a new court quickly and efficiently is one of the unique things we offer. Unfortunately, a lot of firms get stuck in one county, or even just one court, and if your case gets complicated, they’re lost. In California, and in Oregon for that matter, local rules, traditions, and processes matter a lot, and even if your case doesn’t span more than one county, it very well may span more than one court.

For example, suppose you inherited a share in a home from a relative, and you want to rent out one of the rooms, and leave your share of the whole property to your kids. This is a fine idea in Riverside County, assuming the other owners are on board and you have the money to litigate minor tenant problems occasionally, and to cover house maintenance costs. It’s dead-easy to get done in Tulare County, and a flat-out bad idea in Alameda, particularly in Berkeley or Oakland. We know because we’ve been there, and as a bonus, we can tell you where the restrooms are in whichever courthouse we end up in.

Last but not least, Verbeck Law has also handled cases that were based in California, but had clients abroad. As of this writing, we’ve handled cases for clients in the UK, Romania, Austria, India, and more, and of course Alex practiced in multiple counties in Oregon. Did you know that, to get a legal document recognized in most foreign countries, you need a second stamp from the office of the apostille in Sacramento? That office has a months-long turnaround by mail, but a minutes-long turnaround in person. Wherever you are, get a firm that’s been there.

V-law county map 2019.jpg