Evictions and the importance of negotiation

Evictions make for remarkably contentious cases. Even a fairly simple residential eviction can drag out for mother or even years, all out of proportion to the property involved. Landlords, particularly in San Francisco, complain about the multitude of tenant protections, whereas tenants often feel stuck and confused. 

Verbeck Law tries to resolve these cases through consistent and responsive negotiations. It's despairingly common for an eviction firm to do the bare minimum and then disappear, letting a case drag while the two parties refuse to talk to one another. Often these cases resolve at the first hearing, when the parties talk for the first time, which suggests to us that the months this process takes are usually being wasted. 

A negotiated settlement serves both parties much better than a judgment. For the tenant, the payoff is a dismissal, which allows then to about an eviction on their record. For the landlord, a settlement gives them back their property months (or years) earlier than would be possible otherwise, allowing them to start renting again. 

Most eviction firms, though, don't really benefit from negotiated settlements. If they can charge more for a long case, there's no reason they should try to hurry a case along. Longer cases have more hearings and require more billed work, and thus cost more for, usually, the same result.  

This is why Verbeck Law does fixed price representation. Once we get paid, our motivation is to get the case done as soon as possible, so we can pick up another case. We do this in eviction cases by negotiating early and often. If we can find a solution that works for both parties, we're done, and our desk is cleared for another case. 

This strategy relies on having attorneys who have excellent negotiation skills and know how to use them in eviction cases. Our broad experience and multi-talented representation puts a premium on negotiation skills, and we feel that they especially since in eviction law. If you're thinking of evicting a tenant or you're facing eviction yourself, please consider shooting us an email. We'll get your case done right, and fast.