How to get a lawyer for $400

Even people who like lawyers would agree that it's expensive to get one. Oh sure, saves you money in the long run, but that assumes you have the money to cover the expense now. And what if your case would have resolved itself anyway? Maybe you won't need a lawyer after all, maybe in fact your lawyer dragged things out so he or she could bill more. 

Traditionally, if you took that notion into a law firm, they'd either turn you away or convince you to sign up and get billed for secret lawyer stuff. The eventual bill would be higher than you expected, maybe much higher, and you'd still never really understand what that lawyer did for you. Neither is a great solution. 

Verbeck Law tries something different. We say to that skeptical client, okay, you have some good reasons not to trust us. People complain about law firms all the time. Here's what we propose: we'll talk to you about your case and tell you where you are and what happens next. If you don't feel like our explanation helped you, or don't feel like you need the help we suggest, then we both walk away. If you feel like we can help, but either can't or don't want to pay for a full-time lawyer, okay. Maybe what you could use is two hours of talking to one of our expert attorneys about your case, so you can fight it yourself. Maybe all you need is the starting document, and you can handle it yourself after that's done. Maybe all you need is someone you can email when you have minor legal questions and don't want to spend a few hundred dollars getting the answer from a retained attorney. 

We offer all those services, and more. We don't offer them as an adjunct service or as a lower-tier form of work; we're proud to be able to help people who would be turned away by other firms. We think many clients are plenty smart enough to understand their case, if it's well explained, and we're okay with proving to you that we can help before you give us serious money to do so. If $400 is all you have, we'll help you as much as we can in return for that. If $400 is all you're willing to risk on an attorney, we'll give you the best service we can, in the hope of earning your trust. 

We also don't do surprise billing. A $400 attorney can often turn into a $400/day attorney, which seems like a bait-and-switch to us. If we tell you we'll make you a document or consult on your case for $400, that's all it will cost. No add-ons, no caveats, no surprise charges. Just $400. 

Is it quality work? We think so, but we know you're not convinced by that. Consider this: we have to do a good job, because we don't charge enough to cover angry clients and billing disputes. If we're doing a divorce filing for you for $400, we want to give you a document that's unimpeachable, so we can get on to the next case. That's how we make money, and that's our best guarantee of quality to you. 

So, if $400 is about what you can afford, or that's about what you're willing to part with, think about shooting us an email. We're confident it'll be the best $400 you ever spend.