Residential Evictions

Evictions are a challenging field of law, particularly in cities like San Francisco, where land is closely protected. Deciding to evict a tenant, or deciding to contest an eviction if one has been filed against you, is a big decision, and most people realize they may want or need an attorney's help at some point. Landlords generally want evictions over and done with as soon as possible, which requires nearly perfect drafting and service, and tenants want to make sure all of their rights are protected, which means they have to respond to everything filed and provide relevant evidence. 

Verbeck Law provides both landlords and tenants with expert legal advice, including documents and consultations, which can help you prevail in your case. If you'd like some more legal information on your options in dealing with evictions, please indicate which side you're on by clicking one of the buttons below. 


At this time Verbeck Law does not handle commercial or industrial evictions, but if you contact us, we'll be glad to refer you to someone who does.